1st Banquet night recap

What a magical night! Top marks goes to Aaron Armijo and Adam Bourcier for their efforts and coordination! It was great to see everyone dressed for the occasion; something we don’t get to do in our line of work very often.

All in all, we were able to buy steak dinners for each station and each person working on A-Shift yesterday with the help of a $100 donation from HEB! They also upgraded your steaks from “select” cut to “prime” while charging us for the “select” cuts.  I hope you all enjoyed them, and thank you for taking care of business on duty for this first event.

Chief Adame, thank you for taking the time to attend and share the night with us to honor our membership, it means a lot to see you there.

We had some incredible help from our community, including the Sweetwater Country Club.  The Country Club provided appetizers, decorated the room, and gave us preferential pricing so that we could keep costs inline with projected budget.  We hope the Banquet Committee is able to work with the Club again for future events because they really bent over backwards for us!

Nominations to recognize peers on each shift were very humbling.  Aaron and Adam received many outstanding nominations for each position from our members, and a lot of them were accompanied with explanations of their reasons for nominating those members.  It’s easy to see the respect that we all carry for one another and it’s a truly awesome thing.

The members who received recognition were:

Administration: Randy Bayes

A-Shift: Lt Tommie Holliday, EO Gary Smalley, and FF David Rodriguez

B-Shift: Lt Adam Palmer, EO Nick Delarosa, and FF Gene De Los Santos

C-Shift: Lt Brian Holcombe, EO Darryl Burleson, and FF Aaron Armijo

We began a tradition last night of also recognizing a member with a “Legacy Award.”  This award recognized a member selected by the Association Officers based off their consistent dedication to the membership and the non-members in our department alike.  The recipient of this award this year is Keith Mensik!

For those award recipients who were not able to attend last night, I will be delivering your award to you.

Thank you to Christian Colella for taking pictures for us last night too- that was a welcome addition to the evening and we appreciate you taking your time from the banquet to perform that task!

Keep your eyes peeled for a very important meeting appointment to come soon, we have a lot to discuss and a lot to look forward to in the future!

Thank you all again for the brotherhood!


Tom Anderson, President

Local 4255 Sugar Land Professional Fire Fighters Association

“Strength Through Unity”

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