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1st Banquet night recap

What a magical night! Top marks goes to Aaron Armijo and Adam Bourcier for their efforts and coordination! It was great to see everyone dressed for the occasion; something we don’t get to do in our line of work very often. All in all, we were able to buy steak dinners for each station and […]

Next Meeting

Mark you calendars! Union Meeting @Rudy’s 20500 SW FreewayRichmond, TX 77469 NOV 8, 10,or 12 Meetings @ 07:45 Old news, News, on-going projects, future plans 88 members strong First day B Shift (8th), first day C Shift (10th}, and first day A Shift (12th) has meetings at Rudy’s.  Breakfast provided!

In Memory of 9/11

A-shift held a ceremony at Station 1 to Honor those who lost their lives 9 years ago. The event started promptly at 8:46 am EST which is when the first plane hit the first tower. Followed by a moment of silence. BC Crespo lead the ceremony assisted by Eng. Garza (not fully pictured) Lt. Holliday,  Lt. […]

September 2010 Meeting

It’s that time again!  Time to meet and discuss our future plans, and update everyone on the progress of our various projects.  Our next Association meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 22nd at 7:00 pm.  It will once again be held at Keith Mensik’s house in Sugar Land, near Hwy 6 and West Airport. We […]

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