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Captain Bill Dowling Memorial Service

Adam Palmer-Lt./Paramedic, Ryan Pennington-Engineer/Basic, Jeremy Brown-Firefighter/Intermediate, Roel Ruiz-Firefighter/Paramedic, Eric Jurgen-Firefighter/Paramedic. They took one of our ladder trucks to Houston today and were part of the processional and funeral proceedings to support our brothers and sisters with HFD and Champions fire departments.  Bravo Zulu men!

Supporting the Powell Family

As most of you know the Powell’s lives were forever changed on January 4, 2017 when Lana suffered a stroke. She is currently at Memorial Hermann Stroke Center. The time spent in the medical center can be very costly, with transportation, parking, and food. We invite you to donate as much you can to help […]

Elections 2016

Please forward your nominations for elected positions to Treasurer Phan.  All positions are open for nominations this year; President, Vice President, Secretary, and 4 Executive Team positions.  Self nominations are ok.  Nominations are due May 15 at 2200. Next meeting date will be announced shortly.  We had a great turn-out for the past meetings, so […]

City of Sugar Land purchases first ambulance by John Rigg  May 12, 2014 Assistant Fire Chief Mario Partida (left), Fleet Manager Heath Burg, EMS Battalion Chief Cindy King and Fire Chief Juan Adame showcase the city of Sugar Land’s first ambulance. The city expects to acquire additional ambulances and bring on necessary EMS personnel in 2014. The city of Sugar Land […]

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