City employees vs city manager – some compensated, some not

This was printed in the Fort Bend Star

Dear Editor,

City of Sugar Land employees were told that there was no money for raises in 2010, yet the City Manager, Alan Bogard, was given a $15,000 incentive payment by City Counc…il on Oct 1, 2010 to supplement his $190,925.00 salary and $12,000 car allowance. In 2009, City employees were told that they may not get raises because times were tough. Employees did eventually get a small increase in pay (4% or less depending on evaluations), while Bogard again received a $15,000 incentive bonus. In 2008, employees received a 2% pay increase citing financial problems with the City’s retirement plan, yet Bogard received a $12,000 bonus that year.

How is the city manager entitled to such large bonuses when employees, many of whom who are barely making it from paycheck to paycheck, are told that there is no money for raises?

I am leaving my job as Deputy City Attorney because I can no longer afford to work here. I loved my job and had planned to stay until I retire, but I no longer trust Mr Bogard to make the financial decisions for my future. As a prosecutor, my job is to see that justice is done. How is this justice?


Jan Baker

Municipal Court Prosecutor